Nutrition & Hydration Week 11th to 17th March

8 Apr

Nutrition & Hydration week is a very important week in the Mary and joseph House calendar, where we focus on bringing residents and staff together and educate them in the value of good food in maintaining health and well-being   The Activity staff planned a fun filled week of activity to kickstart Nutrition & Hydration week off, starting with having an abundance of fruit and veg available, as well as lots of fruit juices and speciality teas.  All the staff and residents got involved, as well as regular water being available residents enjoyed jugs of Mint & Cucumber, McKenna created a spiced apple juice, which came with a side of home made apple crisps, our chef Alex created some delicious braised peaches, topped with dates, natural yoghurt, crushed pistachios and runny homey in our Bistro and Andy our Activity Co-Ordinator helped the residents to make a lovely Tuna Pasta  

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