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A film crew came to Mary and Joseph House to do a short film, talking to residents and staff following on from our Outstanding CQC rating
credit: That’s Manchester TV

Mary & Joseph House Chapel

We are very lucky to have our own chapel where we can hold funeral services when one of our residents pass away, following the sad death recently of one of our residents we received some wonderful feedback from family and friends:

“To all the staff and residents, we want to say a very big thank you to you all for your kind hospitality, you certainly did him proud, you made us feel welcome from the minute we set foot through the door.  it was so fitting to use your chapel where his family and friends from the last six years could be with him on his final journey. 

What a Beautiful home you have, so clean and fresh and a wonderful warm, friendly atmosphere”

Much love from Sue, Becky, Michael and Ben


Dignity in Care 1950s Day – 1st February 2017

I wish to express my sincere thanks to all staff for a wonderful day on Wednesday 1st February 2017, the food was excellent, the staff were well presented in the way they looked, the music was good by the staff and the singer was great entertainment. I feel the day was about “Unity and Togetherness” and we all enjoyed it, it deserves a big “Thank You” to all staff for a great day.
Testimonial given by resident who attended the Dignity in Care Day, 1st February 2017

Visiting Healthcare Professionals – Questionnaire Feedback

It is always a pleasure to treat the gentlemen at Mary and Joseph House.  The staff actively encourage the gentlemen to have foot treatments, positive encouragement is practised at all times.

Staff are helpful and take note if further medical attention is required, the gentlemen are treated with dignity and respect by staff at all times.  The staff will inform me with appropriate information in a professional and confidential manner, re: the health of the gentlemen.

Overall visiting Mary and Joseph House is a positive experience
Testimonial given by Chiropodist February 2017 

“All staff are extremely helpful and there is always a welcoming atmosphere present from entering the building. It has always been apparent to me that the residents individual needs are prioritised by staff and every effort is made to improve their health and maintain dignity. I have worked in general practice for 22 years and Mary & Joseph House is by far the most outstanding residential or nursing home I have had contact with.”
Testimonial given by Visiting GP, 11 Nov 2016

“It’s a pleasure to work in an environment that is truly patient centred. Staff have excellent insight into patients care needs and history. Earl is a credit to Mary & Joseph House, every home `needs an Earl! `.   Staff are friendly and approachable on every visit. Thank you for making our input easier and always making us feel welcome and valued
Community Physiotherapist, Nov 2016

“I am always made to feel welcome and staff are very helpful. The gentleman I saw today is looking better and healthier each time I see him. He likes living here and the home has made him more confident and aware about his wellbeing. Care plans are very person centred and I know the person before I meet them and any changes. They give the clients goals for them to reach and help them achieve them. I would recommend this home to other professionals”.
Social Services Reviewing Office, Nov 2016

“Throughout the three years I have visited in my capacity as a resettlement worker, I have always found the manager Julie and all the staff extremely pleasant and helpful. The home has a welcoming atmosphere and I always feel welcome. As a resettlement worker, joint working is very important to meet the needs of the service user. Communication is clear and no matter who you speak to, I feel they have a genuine interest and care about the people who live in their home.”
Resettlement Worker, 8th November 2016

I have visited Mary and Joseph House approximately four times and on each occasion the staff have always been very aware of my clients recent mood and mental state/behaviour. Staff are experienced and know how to handle the clients in a crisis whilst maintaining professional standards. I work within a community mental health team and the feedback I have had from staff who have visited Mary & Joseph House over many years has always been positive and the staff and service they provide is held in the very highest regard. Thank you!”
Care Co-Ordinator / Occupational Therapist, November 2016
“I love visiting Mary & Joseph House. The staff are always approachable and friendly and helpful in our dealing with residents. It is always clean and beautifully maintained. The staff always know what is happening with the residents.”
Community Staff Nurse – District Nursing, November 2016

“Mary & Joseph House has an outstanding care facility and continue to be fantastic to work with in relation to helping to get the most out or service users. Staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and are always willing to spend time with you as a professional seeking updates / advice. I have recently jointly worked on anintervention with members of the staff here and they have been exemplary in recording the progress of the intervention and offering their thoughts and ideas. The staff have a great empathy toward the difficult circumstances regarding how the service user I work with came to be in care and they always have positives to say to me regarding the care received.”
Trainee Clinical Psychologist, November 2016

“I have visited several residents here over the last 9 years and every patient has received an excellent care package which has been tailored to their individual needs. As a healthcare professional I have been made welcome and have been able to see patients confidentially. The communication with the staff is always prompt, effective and professional and it is clear that they genuinely care about their residents and the high quality of their work. It is always a pleasure to come here and I believe that my patients who are placed here receive a superior standard of care.”
Specialist Nurse, November 2016

“Staff are all attentive to individuals care and support needs. The quality of care provided is of a very high standard which has a recovery focus.”
Care Manager, 14th November 2016

 Family & Friends – Questionnaire Feedback October 2016

“Myself and my husband brought my father to look around Mary & Joseph House over a year ago, we could not wait for a place to become available.  On our first visit everyone was so friendly and we were extremely impressed, from the moment my father moved in we could not have been more happier, the quality and standard of care is truly outstanding, there is a real atmosphere of positivity and enthusiasm and the staff are exceptional.  The staff use their initiative and have taken the time to ignite my fathers interest and engage and support him to achieve his goals.  As a visitor the variety of events, afternoon tea, the queens birthday celebrations, BBQs etc. is truly wonderful.  We are made to feel part of the Mary and Joseph House family.  It is always a pleasure to not only see my father performing in concerts but to get to know the residents and staff.  Our only regret is that we didn’t find you sooner.
Testimonial given the daughter of a resident Oct 2016

“A most pleasant place to visit. An all-round 10 out of 10.”
Brother of a resident, October 2016

I just want to say thank you to the staff of Mary & Joseph House for the care and support you give to my brother. You have supported our family through a very difficult period – family illness and bereavement and we always know that my brother is safe and well, which has freed us up to support and care for other family members
Sister of a resident, October 2016

“I have never come to Mary & Joseph House and not found it clean, tidy and welcoming.  The staff are always pleasant and helpful and know you by name.  They are always ready to answer questions and talk to you if you have any concerns, of which they act upon very quickly and with every respect for the resident concerned.  My brother is very happy in this environment and I am so glad that this place was recommended to us.  There should be more places in every area like this one as I have never heard of another like it.  It is excellent in all respects and the staff do an excellent job in all areas.  I have always felt very welcome on every visit.”
Sister of a resident, October 2016

Activity week – Day trips (July 2016) – Questionnaire resident feedback

Mary and Joseph House recognise the value of day trips and encourage everyone to get involved in suggesting, choosing and planning trips, 29 of our residents took part in 6 different trips between 11th and 27th July 2016 and completed questionnaires sharing their “best bits”

BlackpoolThe underwater exhibition, walking down the front and eating fish and chips

Knowsley Safari Park The

sea lion session, watching the feeding in the seal bay, seeing all the animals

Cinema & McDonalds A really grand day, I enjoyed the trip, the film (Tarzan) was enjoyable it made a change along with the take away, I enjoyed all of it

Canal boat & Lunch All of it, Great scones, I enjoyed the whole trip, part of the trip that stands out was going through the locks, The food was superb and the service

East Lancashire Railway & Fish and chips – Really enjoyed all of it, A really grand day, Fish and Chips,

Southport – The weather was fine and the funfair, favourite though was fish n chips in the café, I enjoyed the company of all the care team, all of it

Testimonial given from residents


Residents Annual Holiday (June 2016) – Questionnaire resident feedback

Mary and Joseph House recognise the value of a holiday, they make us feel good, give us a chance to relax and do new things, we try to involve everyone in the choosing and planning stage of the holiday and in 2016 the residents chose to have their annual holiday in Blackpool, the residents shared their best memory of the holiday in a questionnaire.
The trip to the lakes and castle included the falcon show which was excellent, Blackpool Zoo, All of it, Swimming land, Muncaster Castle, going to Windermere
Testimonial given by residents who attended the annual holiday in June 2016


They do a brilliant job…

“I cant find fault with the staff, they do a brilliant job with everyone including my son. I feel relieved that he has the care he gets off everyone, and he couldn’t be in a better place. I thank god he is in Mary & Joseph House, and the staff of course!”
Testimonial given from a resident’s mother


Truly Impressive…

“I am an area social worker. When I first visited Mary & Joseph’s I was completely bowled over by the level of care, activities and support. I was so impressed I discussed the care home in a team meeting and gave other area teams information on M&J. I could not wish for a more positive placement for my client, and I visit care homes all over the north west. Truly Impressive.”
Testimonial given from a healthcare professional

I would recommend the home to anyone…

“Previous to my current role I have placed three men in M&J. The most recent person was young and involved in a chaotic lifestyle. M&J staff have turned his life around so that he is independent of those that previously abused him. In short I would recommend the home to anyone—professional or otherwise.”
Testimonial given from a healthcare professional