Resident Art Exhibition at Beswick Library

7 Apr

We are proud to announce that Beswick Library hosted an exhibition of some of the therapeutic art work created by our residents, the art was on display from May until July 2017 We believe that our local community is a vital part of helping our men in their recovery and continued well-being and over recent months Beswick Library has become a massive part of our connection to the wider community, hosting a men’s social group, every Thursday from 2 .00pm – 3. 30pm This has provided our residents with a venue to relax socialise and meet new people, our residents have made many new friends and we are indebted to the wonderful staff of Beswick Library for making this possible. We are very proud to have this opportunity to showcase some of the artistic talents and achievements of the residents to the wider community.  We hope to continue to meet new people and be a larger part of this great community. Therapeutic Art At Mary & Joseph House we understand that participation in meaningful activity plays a key role in the management of illness leading to the possibility of recovery.  For many of our residents past and present, the art group has provided this activity by being both a creative outlet and a welcoming social setting to develop new skills, improve self-esteem and gain greater confidence and independence. The subsequent pride in achievement has played a significant role in the improved health of many group members especially evident in those returning to independent living.  

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