Making Recovery a Reality

Volunteering & Community Engagement

Here at Mary & Joseph House we offer a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in volunteering in house and within the wider community. Volunteering is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as learn new skills and add structure to your day. Residents have the option to spend their time assisting our Housekeeping or Catering Team regardless of abilities or mental capacity, helping our residents to learn or refresh practical domestic skills needed for their recovery. Many of our residents enjoy spending time in our award winning gardens, and there is always plenty to do! our therapeutic team work with residents in areas such as garden maintenance and vegetable and herb growing, as well as home maintenance skills like woodwork and painting and decorating. Staff can also support you to arrange your own volunteering placement should you wish.

Life Skills

One of our aims at Mary & Joseph House is to ‘Promote Independence’, we offer a wide range of opportunities for residents to learn or refresh the skills required to move on from Mary & Joseph House and successfully live an independent life within the community. Our staff work in partnership with residents, their families and healthcare professionals to provide a personalised approach to help residents achieve their own goals as outlined in their individual care plan. We work closely with Occupational Therapists and the Manchester Mental Health Team in order to seek the best possible guidance for resident’s rehabilitation. In preparation for moving on, our team work with residents to develop cooking, laundry and housekeeping skills: all of our housekeeping team are trained to work in partnership with residents to give them the ability and confidence to keep themselves and their surroundings clean and tidy. Our administrative team can assist residents to manage their finances, providing them with a Money Management Plan to help them save up or pay off debts, as well as support with benefits and pension schemes. We believe that relationships with friends and family are important; therefore we encourage visitors to the home, as well as having a private room with a telephone that is accessible to residents. Staff can also support residents to get in touch with estranged members of their family as well as rebuilding existing relationships. In addition to this we promote interaction with groups in the local community so that residents can build new friendship networks and improve their social skills. Residents may have the opportunity to self-administer medication in a controlled environment prior to living independently; this will ensure their safety and wellbeing long after they have left Mary & Joseph House.