Here at Mary and Joseph house we are very aware of the therapeutic benefits of creative activity and therefore offer regular art sessions in our bright and cheerful art studio.

Residents with or without an artistic background can experience numerous different art activities. These include painting, drawing, mosaic making, pottery, weaving, model making and glass painting.

Participation in meaningful activity can play a key role in the management of an illness leading to the possibility of recovery. For many of our residents past and present the art group has provided this activity by being both a creative outlet and a welcoming social setting to develop new skills, improve self esteem and gain greater confidence and independence. The subsequent pride in achievement has played a significant role in the improved health of many group members especially evident in those returning to independent living.

In addition to the many personal benefits residents experience by participation in the group, members have also brought pride to the home through success in various creative competitions and involvement in community festivals. This has resulted in art work being displayed in prominent locations for the general public to enjoy and appreciate whilst raising awareness of the great work achieved.